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CASE STUDY FOUR Project Recovery Troubleshooter at Oliver Jordan Ltd

This was my first contract as a freelance interim manager. I was successful because of my comprehensive engineering and construction knowledge and my well practiced people skills.


Because the project was so far behind and with very little time to turn it around, I took back parts of various sub-contractor’s contracts where they were failing to deliver. They couldn’t object, and this freed up money for me to spend on a small direct labour team, which I then used to facilitate the progress of both performing and underperforming sub-contractors.


I then reprogrammed the work so that certain sub-contractors started at 6.30am instead of 8.30am, while others worked in the evenings untill 10pm, all with their agreement and at no extra cost. I also brought forward work areas that weren’t scheduled to start until later on in the contract.


The main problem however was an M&E contractor, nominated by the owner of the property, who was causing a steady stream of rework and therefore regularly stalling the project. I closely monitored and measured the rework and also the amount of men he claimed to have on site at any one time. In this way I was able to almost completely offset any liquidated damages. I then tricked them into completing their work in the wrong order, totally offsetting any financial loss.